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Dr Taya Van Haren is Hiking for Healthy Hearts

This year, I’m taking part in Coastrek, a 60km walking challenge, proudly supporting the Heart Foundation. 

Along with thousands of other Coastrekkers, mostly women, I will be walking a really, really long way to improve my own health, fitness and wellbeing – and fundraise for heart health.  

There will be very sore legs, sweaty hair and maybe a blister or two. There will also be meaningful chats, lots of laughs, camaraderie and connection, and a sweet, sweet feeling of exhilaration when I smash my Coastrek goal after months of training and prep.  The walk is done in groups of 4 and I will be walking with 3 other ladies who all work in health (another GP, a Physio and an occupational therapist). Wish me luck!